Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Weekend Break trip to Tarkarli beach

You have a weekend and might be wondering where to travel. Here is an enchanting place to visit where you can relax as well as enjoy the wonders of the different activities. No worries of stay. Our Konkan resort gives you all the privilege you need. Know what all things you can do.
Tarkarli Beach activities:
There are many things you can do here. Staying nearby at Konkan hotel you can go for a great water sport activities. Wonder what water activities are carried out. Here you have Scuba Diving. A very popular sport which is actively participated by all tourists. Experiencing coral life and seeing all different fishes could be very much amazing. Another sport is snorkelling. Here there is crystal clear water so you get to participate in snorkelling.
What else? Dolphin Sightseeing. Opportunity to see dolphins lies here. You can see dolphins here at any point of time. And if you are lucky enough then you could also get a view of 8 – 10 dolphins.

Shopping at Tarkarli:
Malvan Shoreline is well known for shopping, because of its genuine foodstuffs and other things. They are easily available with refreshing varieties.  You should go for food stuffs like dry coconut powder, cashewnuts, dry fish or sea food, sol i.e Kokam, herbs, dry chillies, Kokam juice and syrup, husken rice, khajaa which is a Kokam sweet and even more. Additionally things like handicraft products, wooden toys, are the area of expertise of Konkan coast. You can purchase fresh sea foods and cook it in the resort. Konkan resorts gives you all kind of things you need.

Where to stopby:
No worries. You don’t have to worry about staying. You can stay at our Konkan resort which is a wonderful place. Here at our Konkan hotels you would get all kinds of facilities relating to your joyous enjoyment. So come over to our resorts in Konkan and have pleasant stay.

Tourist destinations of Tarkarli:

Sindhudurg Fort:This is one of the famous and well renowned monument. Coming to Tarkarli you can’t miss this out. Just a boat ride of 10mins and you are there at Sindhudurg fort. It has a great history and is huge which was built by Shivaji the great warrior.
Dolphin Sight: As stated above this is one of the worth visiting place if you are interested in Dolphins. The Dolphin spot is merely at the confluence of Arabian Sea and River Karli.
Dhamapur Lake: It is one of the splendid and spectacular lake at Tarkarli along with a small village at its banks. It has thick plantation all over its banks and the scenic beauty at this lake is wonderful.
DeoBagh Beach: You should make it a point to visit this beach when you come to Tarkarli. You might be questioning why to visit so many beaches and what is it known for? This beach is known for its red rocks and is photographer’s delight. Nearby this beach it has Sea Gull Island which is the home for sea gulls making it splendid in view. Also the crystal clear water near has its own beauty.
Grab this opportunity and visit this destination.

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