Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tarkarli Beach – Pleasurable time at Beachfront

About Tarkarli beach
Tarkarli beach is the only beach of Konkan which has got ideal white – colored sand. Typically Tarkarli beach is the most famous beach on Maharashtra, located at Konkan coast. Tarkarli is among the most favoured seashores within Konkan. While the turquoise sea on one hand and Karli backwaters on another, Tarkarli beach is the most attractive vacation spot to be visited.
It’s being preferred among the tourist for a long time. Currently it is alluded as Queen beach in Sindhudurg. In addition to all this Tarkarli beach adds to attractive beauty, dolphin sightseeing. Besides this what is the most beautiful adding to this is the water sports. Water snorkelling frequently preferred by the visitors due to it crystal clear water. Also in similar manner Scuba diving is effectively carried out.

Know How of Tarkarli
Place: Maharashtra (Konkan)
Location: 546km from Mumbai & 6km from Konkan.
Popular for: Beautiful as well as magnificent water, stunning beachfront,picturesque nature, water sports activities, dolphin sighting
Assists as: Refreshment Destination, Beach, historic places to visit

Ideal time zone to stop by Tarkarli: 
The ideal time to visit Tarkarli is in Summers and Winters as you would be able to get the pleasure of the scenic beauty of nature and seashores. You would be able to engage in activities safely during this time period. Whereas considering Monsoons you need to prevent going to this place as it might be risky due to tough oceanic waves. Also you cannot carry out water sports and activities during this time interval. Perfect time to go to Tarkarli is actually from beginning of June till the end of summers.

Things to be done Tarkarli Beach:
·         Experience natural beauty and de-stress yourself.
·         Creating and making different structural castles in fine sand.
·         Enjoying seashore water which is often considered to be most secure and simply clean.
·         Head out for Scuba Diving
·         Go for snorkelling           
·         Experience all water sports activities
·         Take pleasure in legitimate and traditional Malvani delicacies.
·         Enjoy lovely sundown
·         Sight Seeing of Dolphins
·         Relaxing in one of the boats in Tarkarli 

Tarkarli Cuisine:

Tarkarli is famous for Malvani as well as Konkani meal. Best things about tarkarli cuisine is Non-Veg food. Lying across the sea coast they their delicacy lies in sea food and fishes. Searching a fine place for meal here is not a worry. Enjoy the traditional and legitimate cuisine at Tarkarli.

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