Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Weekend Break trip to Tarkarli beach

You have a weekend and might be wondering where to travel. Here is an enchanting place to visit where you can relax as well as enjoy the wonders of the different activities. No worries of stay. Our Konkan resort gives you all the privilege you need. Know what all things you can do.
Tarkarli Beach activities:
There are many things you can do here. Staying nearby at Konkan hotel you can go for a great water sport activities. Wonder what water activities are carried out. Here you have Scuba Diving. A very popular sport which is actively participated by all tourists. Experiencing coral life and seeing all different fishes could be very much amazing. Another sport is snorkelling. Here there is crystal clear water so you get to participate in snorkelling.
What else? Dolphin Sightseeing. Opportunity to see dolphins lies here. You can see dolphins here at any point of time. And if you are lucky enough then you could also get a view of 8 – 10 dolphins.

Shopping at Tarkarli:
Malvan Shoreline is well known for shopping, because of its genuine foodstuffs and other things. They are easily available with refreshing varieties.  You should go for food stuffs like dry coconut powder, cashewnuts, dry fish or sea food, sol i.e Kokam, herbs, dry chillies, Kokam juice and syrup, husken rice, khajaa which is a Kokam sweet and even more. Additionally things like handicraft products, wooden toys, are the area of expertise of Konkan coast. You can purchase fresh sea foods and cook it in the resort. Konkan resorts gives you all kind of things you need.

Where to stopby:
No worries. You don’t have to worry about staying. You can stay at our Konkan resort which is a wonderful place. Here at our Konkan hotels you would get all kinds of facilities relating to your joyous enjoyment. So come over to our resorts in Konkan and have pleasant stay.

Tourist destinations of Tarkarli:

Sindhudurg Fort:This is one of the famous and well renowned monument. Coming to Tarkarli you can’t miss this out. Just a boat ride of 10mins and you are there at Sindhudurg fort. It has a great history and is huge which was built by Shivaji the great warrior.
Dolphin Sight: As stated above this is one of the worth visiting place if you are interested in Dolphins. The Dolphin spot is merely at the confluence of Arabian Sea and River Karli.
Dhamapur Lake: It is one of the splendid and spectacular lake at Tarkarli along with a small village at its banks. It has thick plantation all over its banks and the scenic beauty at this lake is wonderful.
DeoBagh Beach: You should make it a point to visit this beach when you come to Tarkarli. You might be questioning why to visit so many beaches and what is it known for? This beach is known for its red rocks and is photographer’s delight. Nearby this beach it has Sea Gull Island which is the home for sea gulls making it splendid in view. Also the crystal clear water near has its own beauty.
Grab this opportunity and visit this destination.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Elegance of Konkan

Glory of Nature! Konkan can be said as beauty’s natural splendor.  Along with Seashores, mountains, rivers and valleys, Konkan is situated in the exclusive vacationer place in India. 720kms of long beach located at the Konkan Coast which receives 300 inches rainfall annually.

Being best Resort in Konkan, you will discover dense forests at one side where they consists all sorts of plant life involving fruits-bearing trees as well as organic vegetation.
You will discover rivers, seashore forts, excavations, and a lot more.
A stream of water flowing down the hill is just similar to mineral water and they it feels like the silver traces of the mountains. You will get to find seashores, beautiful river, waterfalls and even much more which would give you incredible experience.

Ganpatipule & Tarkali

There are two fascinating and popular attraction in Konkan which is frequently visited by tourist. Amongst them first is Ganpatipule temple which is said to be land of Ganesh and is holy place of lord.  Second is Tarkali which is a long beach of 7km starting from Malvan beach to Devbaug. Popularly known for Backwaters leisure and very neat and clear beach.

Konkan Culture
Konkan has its own culture which is so beauty and culture which is most authentic. Most of the people get fascinated as it has its own delicacy. You would be able to enjoy the Konkan life and their delicious cuisines which are they popularly famous for. All these can be experience at our Konkan resorts and hotels.

Konkan Traditions
The history of Konkan is based on their particular tradition-bound constructions similar to temples, older homes, bridges and so on. As an illustration, you can possibly view older properties known as Chowsophy Wada, which includes several useful stuff like resting within chamber (Balant Kholi), son-in-law windows (jawai khidaki), undercover place (Talghar), kitchen area, ladies bedroom, gents bedroom, family bedroom, 3 diverse verandahs and so on, throughout heart rectangular place. You will find crafty bridges, which are created by simply resources manufactured in your towns. You will find undercover bore holes getting 35 to 30 toes interesting depth coming from exterior possessing ways for you to go up down.

Konkan Resorts and Konkan Hotels
We have a beautiful and riverside resort which has its own beauty. Far from the daily work and chaos, one would be able to relax and have leisure time at our place. You can have the fun to enjoy culture of Konkan the traditional art dances, their backwaters paces where one can have a fishing experience and even vegetation and plantation for which they are famous for. Also we provide all the food facilities and every service at our Konkan resorts.

Konkan Experience
Visiting Konkan would let your experience to reach at a higher level. Enjoy the beauty of nature and its serenity at our Konkan resorts which has river front at one end and beautiful nature at the other.
"Natural beauty develops positive attitude". Grab the opportunity and visit our Hotels in Kudal to enjoy the essence of nature.

Sindhudurg Palace Resort arranges best Malvan tours. If you are interested in such adventures or details you can mail us at enquiry@spresort.in or contact us on our telephone or mobile no. +(91)-(2362)-222705 / +(91) 9892185400

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sightseeing and Facts of Kudal

Kudal is among the most ancient and finest places in Konkan. Kudal is one of the older debt settlements inside Konkan area. Kudal is a tranquil place inside Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is renowned for its Kudaleshwar holy place where devotes coming from just about all regions of the indian subcontinent to worship. Kudal lies in NH-17 connecting Malvan and Tarkarli which are easily accessible. Our kudal hotels are located near to this coast.

This kind of wonderful city is recognized as one of the most all old-fashioned settlements of the Konkan Area. Staying at one of our hotels in kudal would give pleasurable experience.  It is usually any popular marketplace for Alphonso Mango, that is exported to be able to various towns on the globe. The city usually is well-known for Jatra fair that is arranged at the Kudaleshwar temple once in year. There are various of sights that lure many people on a yearly basis via all across the country.
Some of the notable destinations in the village add the Rangana Garh Ft, Shree Devi Laxmi Mandir, Deo Dongar Machhindranath Mandir, Shree Dev Bhairav Brow, The Shree Maruti Mandir, Shree Devi Bhavani Mandir and also street Steve Bosco Community center. All these destinations can be easily visited by staying at our nearby hotel in kudal.

The journey manual to Kudal supplies each and every details around the location. Kudal is found almost of 16.9 kilometres definately not it's area head office Oros which is merely 348 kilometres from the funding metropolis on the express, Mumbai.
Prior to finalizing your trip to Kudal you'll like to recognize the very best spots to check out inside Kudal. Effectively, you have arrived at the correct place for information related to Kudal sightseeing selections. All the related information woul be provided at our Kudal hotels.

It’s not merely about understanding the different sites to determine in Kudal. Other than supplying you with a summary of diverse well-known Kudal sights, we provide wide range of some other particulars with regard to the actual renowned Kudal vacationer sites. As an illustration, you'll get lots of useful tidbits upon specific sites to check out in Kudal. The details upon Kudal sites to check out often contains starting as well as shutting instances, accessibility cost, or a very little traditional information regarding those distinct Kudal vacationer sites.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tarkarli Beach – Pleasurable time at Beachfront

About Tarkarli beach
Tarkarli beach is the only beach of Konkan which has got ideal white – colored sand. Typically Tarkarli beach is the most famous beach on Maharashtra, located at Konkan coast. Tarkarli is among the most favoured seashores within Konkan. While the turquoise sea on one hand and Karli backwaters on another, Tarkarli beach is the most attractive vacation spot to be visited.
It’s being preferred among the tourist for a long time. Currently it is alluded as Queen beach in Sindhudurg. In addition to all this Tarkarli beach adds to attractive beauty, dolphin sightseeing. Besides this what is the most beautiful adding to this is the water sports. Water snorkelling frequently preferred by the visitors due to it crystal clear water. Also in similar manner Scuba diving is effectively carried out.

Know How of Tarkarli
Place: Maharashtra (Konkan)
Location: 546km from Mumbai & 6km from Konkan.
Popular for: Beautiful as well as magnificent water, stunning beachfront,picturesque nature, water sports activities, dolphin sighting
Assists as: Refreshment Destination, Beach, historic places to visit

Ideal time zone to stop by Tarkarli: 
The ideal time to visit Tarkarli is in Summers and Winters as you would be able to get the pleasure of the scenic beauty of nature and seashores. You would be able to engage in activities safely during this time period. Whereas considering Monsoons you need to prevent going to this place as it might be risky due to tough oceanic waves. Also you cannot carry out water sports and activities during this time interval. Perfect time to go to Tarkarli is actually from beginning of June till the end of summers.

Things to be done Tarkarli Beach:
·         Experience natural beauty and de-stress yourself.
·         Creating and making different structural castles in fine sand.
·         Enjoying seashore water which is often considered to be most secure and simply clean.
·         Head out for Scuba Diving
·         Go for snorkelling           
·         Experience all water sports activities
·         Take pleasure in legitimate and traditional Malvani delicacies.
·         Enjoy lovely sundown
·         Sight Seeing of Dolphins
·         Relaxing in one of the boats in Tarkarli 

Tarkarli Cuisine:

Tarkarli is famous for Malvani as well as Konkani meal. Best things about tarkarli cuisine is Non-Veg food. Lying across the sea coast they their delicacy lies in sea food and fishes. Searching a fine place for meal here is not a worry. Enjoy the traditional and legitimate cuisine at Tarkarli.