Thursday, 7 August 2014

Malvan Cuisine a specialty of our Sindhudurg restaurant

Malvan cuisine is the basic cuisine for the people staying in Konkan region. Our Sindhudurg Restaurant provides all kinds of Malvan cuisine which are high in spices. Having a different taste the cuisine is prepared in coconut oil which is strong in spices, red chillies and corianders. Malvan food has whole new blend of taste which includes kokum and raw mango as part of souring agent and deep purple berry which has a sweet taste.

Largely Malvan cuisine includes pre – dominantly non – veg food and a less of veg. It’s a mixture of Maharashtrian and Goan cuisine which is mainly famous for sea foods. Coconut is the special ingredient which is added in almost all the delicacy in grated, fried, paste or dry grated form.
Fish majorly dominates here. Our Sindhudurg restaurant provides this dish which is are quite tasty and mouthwatering. The traditional Indian food and the hospitality of the people will make it the most memorable thing. Prawns, crabs, shrimps lobsters are the main attractions for the cuisine. Fish curry and a unique preparation of pomphret would fault your taste. People from long places do visit our restaurant for the famous Malvan cuisine.

Even the vegetarian food has its own specialty as they contain more spices and a unique flavor of konkan. Visiting a leisure place where they have a tasty and unique flavor makes your holiday a prefect destination to visit it next.
Refresh yourself and get yourself out from the daily work. Wrench out a couple of weeks and spend time at this beautiful destination where you can also enjoy the delicacy of Malvan. Plan a trip here and discover the essence and secrets of Malvan.
“ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ”