Thursday, 17 July 2014

Elegance of Konkan

Glory of Nature! Konkan can be said as beauty’s natural splendor.  Along with Seashores, mountains, rivers and valleys, Konkan is situated in the exclusive vacationer place in India. 720kms of long beach located at the Konkan Coast which receives 300 inches rainfall annually.

Being best Resort in Konkan, you will discover dense forests at one side where they consists all sorts of plant life involving fruits-bearing trees as well as organic vegetation.
You will discover rivers, seashore forts, excavations, and a lot more.
A stream of water flowing down the hill is just similar to mineral water and they it feels like the silver traces of the mountains. You will get to find seashores, beautiful river, waterfalls and even much more which would give you incredible experience.

Ganpatipule & Tarkali

There are two fascinating and popular attraction in Konkan which is frequently visited by tourist. Amongst them first is Ganpatipule temple which is said to be land of Ganesh and is holy place of lord.  Second is Tarkali which is a long beach of 7km starting from Malvan beach to Devbaug. Popularly known for Backwaters leisure and very neat and clear beach.

Konkan Culture
Konkan has its own culture which is so beauty and culture which is most authentic. Most of the people get fascinated as it has its own delicacy. You would be able to enjoy the Konkan life and their delicious cuisines which are they popularly famous for. All these can be experience at our Konkan resorts and hotels.

Konkan Traditions
The history of Konkan is based on their particular tradition-bound constructions similar to temples, older homes, bridges and so on. As an illustration, you can possibly view older properties known as Chowsophy Wada, which includes several useful stuff like resting within chamber (Balant Kholi), son-in-law windows (jawai khidaki), undercover place (Talghar), kitchen area, ladies bedroom, gents bedroom, family bedroom, 3 diverse verandahs and so on, throughout heart rectangular place. You will find crafty bridges, which are created by simply resources manufactured in your towns. You will find undercover bore holes getting 35 to 30 toes interesting depth coming from exterior possessing ways for you to go up down.

Konkan Resorts and Konkan Hotels
We have a beautiful and riverside resort which has its own beauty. Far from the daily work and chaos, one would be able to relax and have leisure time at our place. You can have the fun to enjoy culture of Konkan the traditional art dances, their backwaters paces where one can have a fishing experience and even vegetation and plantation for which they are famous for. Also we provide all the food facilities and every service at our Konkan resorts.

Konkan Experience
Visiting Konkan would let your experience to reach at a higher level. Enjoy the beauty of nature and its serenity at our Konkan resorts which has river front at one end and beautiful nature at the other.
"Natural beauty develops positive attitude". Grab the opportunity and visit our Hotels in Kudal to enjoy the essence of nature.

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