Monday, 13 July 2015

Tarkarli - Best Tourist Spot

Tarkarli village is situated in the District of Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. It is famous among travelers amazing beach that is found here and there are various activities that travelers can enjoy on the beach. Additionally, it is an amazing spot to relax and enjoy a holiday on the beaches. There are various Hotels near Tarkarli,Maharashtra offers some great accommodation choices that suit the budget.

Queen Beach of Sindhudurg

The beach is situated at the convergence of the Arabian Sea and the river Tarkarli. It is a narrow stretch of beach with flawless waters. It is situated around, 546 km far from Mumbai, towards 6 km south of Malvan. This is a popular beach and it has gained significance due to its transparent and clear seas. Here on a genuinely sunny day you may see the ocean bed up to a depth of twenty feet. It is also known asQueen Beach of Sindhudurg. You can also get Best resorts in Tarkarli

Views on the Tarkarli beach

You may get some eminent views of the islands, sailboats and trees on the beach and there are various activities here such as Snorkeling and Scuba Diving that make a trip to the beach extremely pleasant. Snorkeling is one of the most famous activities and provides the visitors an opportunity to see some glorious corals and some amazing varieties of fish. Sculling is another superb activity offered here and the scenery here makes it a standout amongst the most memorable experiences that one won't forget soon.


You may have the first and finest ever experience of marine life as there are snorkeling aides who guarantees the security, furthermore empower for the finest experience of the marine life. Sightseers can also appreciate delectable extraordinary Malvani foods such as mixture of fish things, 'Kombadi-vada'.

Important spot which is situated on the opposite of Tarkarli beach is Sindhudurg Fort; it is one of the renowned and imperative ocean forts. It was built in the 17th century and it is only eight kilometers from this beach.

Some different spots are

· Amboli Hill Station

· Bhagwati sanctuary

· Padmagad stronghold

· Jay Ganesh Temple

· Rameshwar Temple

· Devbag

There are various magnificent Sindhudurg restaurants that offer sightseers food and there are numerous awesome things to do on a trip to the village. Additionally, there are various Resorts in Tarkarli and this lovely village offers you numerous awesome activities that help keep one occupied on a getaway here. Tarkarli is a sublime spot that is going to by travelers during the time and the beaches that are found in the village offer you an opportunity to have a ton of fun.

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