Friday, 4 October 2013

Lighten up your Life: Tarkarli

Imagining where exactly is tarkarli beach?  Tarkarli is type of seashore along the Konkan Shoreline, on the Maharashtra- Goa boundaries, any fresh seashore having bright natural sand and wonderful landscapes. The title Tarkarli signifies the bank along the Karli River, which is a sort of backwater, relaxing as well as restful. 

The Sindhudurg palace resort is nearby the seashore – surely you would enjoy the your vacation as you come out of your room and would be on the tarkarli beach– almost nothing could overcome that for seashore lovers. This tarkarli beach resort itself is pretty very good, with a wide open fresh air eating place, consequently is among the most best spot to live in Tarkarli. Nothing would be fantastic vacation rather than spending it lazily on the edge of the sea shore.

These destination is going to definitely fascinate you. We had been to these destination in November a pleasant period to visit. Walking along the tarkarli beach having camel ride and para sailing are some part of fascination activities which gives you would go for. Nothing can be more pleasant than relaxing and watching the sunset at the beach resorts in tarkarli.
Being there for the first time gives an interesting experience and gives a feeling of visiting again and again. Getting a boat from a beach to gives an amazing view of natural beauty through the sea. Moreover you can see the dolphins in the middle of the sea. Going along further there are beautiful islands and scenic beauties which are breath taking and mesmerizing.

To add further these place is also known for its food. Another heaven for sea food lovers. All kinds of Malvani food are there. Also the resorts in tarkarli is well known for its multicusine restaurant offering all kinds of food. After all day excitement food is the only place where one ends up and then relaxing along the tarkarli beach resort would be pleasant. Pretty much to say that there is no night life.

Also there are many destinations to be visited here as Sindhudurg Fort is one of them. Even the Malvan Town located nearby has all destinations where you can have a splendid time.

In summary, Tarkarli beach is usually a tranquil seashore vacation spot, having incredible pure beauty! In the event you are searching for a peaceful spot to relax, move away from the crowds, come to Tarkarli, you would be delighted you did!!

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